Break 100

The key to lower scores is consistent coaching; this program is dedicated to your development, covering all aspects of the game that will enable you to consistently break 100.
Product Description

Together we will Break 100 by understanding key areas that need improvement, whilst also understanding where we can make quick gains, typically in this order:


Short Game

Course Management, Mentality & Attitude

Swing Fundamentals

Your monthly subscription will include

  • 1 hour of one to one coaching per month*
  • 1 x 4 hole playing lesson*
  • Membership to Practice Club (supervised practice)
  • Use of the dedicated Coaching App & Technology
  • Constant contact - 24/7 access to your coaching team
  • 20% discount on Green Fees (Excl. weekend mornings)
  • 20% discount on range balls

This is a 6 month subscription that guarantees results. 

*This is an example of how we can spend our time together, and this can vary from student to student

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