Break 80

The key to lower scores is consistent coaching; this program is dedicated to your development, covering all aspects of the game that will enable you to consistently break 80
Product Description

Break 80 is effectively a programme created specifically for you, addressing the needs your game requires, and focussing the elements and details that realte to elite level golf.

Putting - distance control, aiming & green reading

Short Game - wedges and distance control basics

Course Management, Mentality & Attitude

Competition prep

Swing Fundamentals

Strength & Conditioning (Fit4Golf)

Your monthly subscription will include

  • 2 hours of one to one coaching per month*
  • 1 x 9 hole playing lesson*
  • 1 hour S & C (Fit4Golf)*
  • Membership to Practice Club (supervised practice)
  • Stat Analysis
  • Use of the dedicated Coaching App & Technology
  • constant contact - 24/7 access to your coaching team
  • 20% discount on range balls
  • 5 Day Course Membership (Incl. 40% discount at weekends)


This is a 9 month subscription designed to achieve your goals.

*This is an example of how we can spend our time together, and this can vary from student to student

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